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Who Are We?

CureSelect is a company that has been a pioneer in the field of telemedicine, telehealth and remote patient monitoring of vitals and other health data.

With a staggering list of 12 unique and individually tailored products curated for gathering and monitoring patient vitals in every terrain, situation and scenario possible. We at CureSelect are dedicated in helping to solve a rising global health deficit.

We are animal lovers just like all of you. It occurred to us that India has over 30 million pets and nowhere near the required number of veterinarians to treat them, while people have insurance, subsidies and coverage for their ailments, our pets suffer from the same preventable and treatable diseases. Unlike people our adorable four legged friends can't tell us when and where it hurts. So we decided to apply what we are the best at, to the field of veterinary care. This product is the fruit of our love for pets and our passion tp provide easy and affordable healthcare access to pet parents.

The field of telemedicine has been gaining a lot of traction, especially during the pandemic. We think this is the right time to bring telemedicine to the field of veterinary care. We help pet parents breathe easy by giving them control over the health of their pets, connecting them to a vets across the country for real-time Teleconsultations. For most pet parents it is the time taken, restrictive costs that are hurdles when it comes to the health of their furry friends. We help you save both by using telemedicine to create and manage the care cycle of your pets.

Our Journey From A2Z..!

Our journey into this sphere of medicine begins as all great journeys do, with the passionate wish of our founders to revolutionize healthcare by making its access ubiquitous and to bring our population into the fold of the 21st century techno centric healthcare models. None have this passion burning brighter than the founders of the company Dr. Eshwar Sundaram Jnr a dedicated surgeon and stalwart of the medical community and Dr. Srinath Yeshwanth a successful businessman and long time medical practitioner. Their dream and goals were the stones that started the proverbial landslide, gathering a team just as passionate about healthcare and focusing them towards a common goal.

In this often rocky journey filled with setbacks and upsets as much as triumph, our team of engineers, programmers, doctors, developers and more realized the awesome potential of combining remote monitoring, tele consultation and the desperate need for coherent long term patient record maintenance to come out with a wide range of services that will drastically reduce and simplify healthcare for the everyday man.

In a country as massive as India and with a population as dynamic, as mobile and as clustered as ours the traditional paper records, sporadic medical consults and dealing with problems after they have arisen aren’t going to cut it. COVID-19 proved that to us by bringing our healthcare and by extension our economy to its knees. However with the tools that CureSelect seeks to arm the public with we wish to preempt and curb early any health issue whether at the individual or systemic levels.

Hence our wide range of focus from disaster management, the military to schools and elderly healthcare and corporate health.

You too are a part of our epic journey where we walk many miles and many years side by side with us in perfect health and well being.

Why A2ZTeleVet?

Among a glut of similar products ours is the only one focused on long term health, vitals monitoring and tracking diseases that affect your pet. We believe that your pets deserve top-notch care given at the optimum time.


We allow you to consult with a Veterinarian at any time in case your pet pal falls ill. Say goodbye to long lines, waiting rooms.

Pet Profiles

Use a custom pet profile to keep track of and manage the vaccinations, deworming and medications of your pet.


We have a 24/7 team of doctors for providing emergency tele consults on all specialties to keep your pet healthy.


Anytime access to all vitals, summaries, medications & histories to the pet parent with alerts for any abnormalities.

Security & Compliance


We are HIPPA Compliant with double ended encryptions, protecting patient data as per the laws and guidelines underlined in it. 

HIPPA compliance for privacy of patient records


We are complaint with the strictest ISO protocols regarding data encryption, storage and transfer with certification for the same.

ISO certification for software companies regarding data security and privacy


We have SOC2 TYPE2 certification A type of audit report that attests to the trustworthiness of services provided by CureSelect LLP

soc 2 type II

AES 256

AES is one of the best encryption protocols available with 256 bit encryption as recommended by the US national institute of standards. 

AES a brute force protection algorithm approved by the American standards organization

Our Partner


Our Management Team

 Profile picture of CureSelect co-founder and president Dr. Easwaran Sundaram

A successful practicing Neurologist in Texas for 30 years. He is the President of the largest Private Practice Neurology group in North Texas managing 25 providers across 2 states.

Dr. Easwar Sundaram Jr


Profile photo of CureSelect co-founder and president Dr. Srinath Yeshwanth

A successful entrepreneur and physician with mission & passion to roll out future enabled, a 360 degree end-to-end a digital healthcare solutions. 

Dr. Srinath Yeshwanth P V


Profile picture of CureSelect marketing head Mr. Murali Raman

36 Years international corporate executive experience. Till 2021 - Director & CMO, Worldwide Software & Systems Channels Marketing, IBM (a $85B business covering ~160 countries).

Mr. Murali Raman

Director & CMO - Global

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No. 69, Tranquil Terrace,
Kamdar Nagar, 2nd Street, Nungambakkam,
Chennai, India - 600 034

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